Temuka to Kaiapoi

Arr Temuka mid afternoon to set up camp in record time of 33 min a new record! In a rush to beat the rain as really drizzly already. At campsite felt really lucky as quite obvious some people have so little 😯
This is the real NZ- real kiwi families living on kiwi incomes. That probably makes me sound like a snob but such a wake-up call for me. We are so lucky to have everything we need and so much choice and freedom.
A world away from our lifestyle in WLG.

In Temuka, Mr W excited to hear freight trains in middle of night and listen for them crossing the bridge over the river. A fond childhod memory of Mr W and his Bro…watching the kiwi rail trains and the Southerner passenger train thunder through at full pelt over the bridge in the early 1980’s.

A quick pack up next morning before the black clouds descended,  dishes done , lunch made and pop in to Auntie J’s for a lovely visit with Auntie J Auntie N and Uncle G. Some family snaps and delicious home made savouries before hitting the road again. Mr W reflecting on childhood memories of driving in the truck with Uncle E.

Mystery photo of mystery family member dated circa late 1800s at a farm in Masterton which is close to us up in WLG! More research needed….fascinating !
North towards Christchurch in the rain now- has been drizzling since yesterday  but not before a last minute stop to stock up on local berries and apricots (again!) Cant get enough of these gigantic raspberries 😆 so delicious!

Sadly no time to visit Barkers of Geraldine (jam factory ) or Pleasant Point steam train as pressed for time and weather closing in. Have wet gear to some how wash and dry before tonight!
Tonight – wood end beach holiday park at Kaiapoi north of ChCh.

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