Moeraki to Temuka

Yes – very behind on the blogging! Having so much fun travelling across central otago – Wanaka, Cromwell, Clyde, Alex, Arrowtownm so much history. And family history!

We have arrived in Timaru for lunch (The Oxford -brilliant, great tunes great service incredible food ) after driving up from incredibly popular Moeraki. no Fleurs was not open but i dont mind coz  know we’ll be back 😊. I like Moeraki. I have decided to buy a Bach there one day! it’s a very cute little tiny fishing bay with a very calm ocean. Had a swim in the bay at 6pm last night, so much fun. Mr W went for a walk after we pitched tent and took a few snaps.

Moeraki also has some very familiar street names 😊 but I have now pasted them in the wrong spot so u will need to scroll up!

To cap it all off we found a banana passionfruit tree or two on our walk around the bay this morning. A childhood favourite whichgrew in Mr W’s garden in AKL.

Tonight we camp in Temuka as we continue north.


One thought on “Moeraki to Temuka

  1. Excellent guys we’ll have to come and see these places one day. We’ve been to Arrowtown and really liked it we saw a very early Chinese camp there.


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