Such a sad shame

As with other international tourist traps I find it such a sad sad shame that Franz Josef has succumbed to the complacency, arrogance and general acceptance of an international group of people behaving REALLY badly. High prices, rudeness and total disregard for other people. even bus drivers – shouting and swearing across the carpark at 6:30am. Such a beautiful place, such a terrible shame that it is such an unjoyable ripoff to stay here.

I’m just bitter as I’ve had about 5 hrs of broken sleep in a very expensive hotel room which has felt like a cheap YHA dorm given all the noise on either side of us. Chicken noises, loud chicken noises from the room nxt door at 12:15am.

Best get up and do the glacier before that gets taken over by swearing hungover backpackers too.

Franz Josef. Haaaruumpf. have Had oustanding service in beautiful settings with other quiet peaceful tourists in smaller towns. I think this is a town to visit for the glacier but then move on. quickly. And BYO sandwiches unless your happy parting with a sizeable chunk of yiur budget for average pub food.

Thank God for the beautiful scenery. Rant over.


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