Jade country

I am starting to think that a selfie stick would be a good idea about now before the content from this blog ends up on Awkward Family Photos.com 😊

Today we had a wander around the many NZ jade (green stone or ponamu) and paua jewellery shops of Hokitika before we left town. we are in the heart of green stone country and I learnt you actually have to have a license to go fossicking around the many riverbeds here to collect greenstone.

I was so distracted by the bling that I almost forgot my main purpose for visiting Hokitika -Tranny Granny Jacquie who runs the sock machine museum. Luckily I was reminded when I  accidentally walked past her shop and made time to pop in and have a nose around. Jacqui wasn’t in but the lovely  lady who was there told us all about the sock knitting machines that Jacqui ships all over the world. I could see how knitting socks could get quite addictive if you choose from all the way cool colours of beautiful NZ merino and of course in the winter down here you would need them. For just $380 I would seriously consider setting up my own cottage industry online store!! Especially selling overseas at $40NZD a pair! Check out http://www.autoknitter.com for more info.



so we left pretty Hokitika behind ( after a quick taste of whitebait fritters – famous here) and carried on to The turquoise waters of Hokitika Gorge. Magic. Had to keep pinching myself! Not a car to be seen as we drove inland for half an hour through wide open dairy country dotted with old farm houses.

It was magic. and i believe it may inspire a painting or two by the talented Mr W in future. A quick walk through the rainforest to the swing bridge that crosses the still turquoise water. Uh-mazing.

On and on we drove thru more dairy country, skirting the bottom of the mountains, getting closer to the rainforests of Franz Josef. But not before we had a comfort stop at historic Ross. Yep this one’s for you Mr Shardlow 😊 xx


Then on to Franz Josef and what a total tourist trap it is here! Plenty of OS backpackers and tourists. Our room we’d booked was being aired out after having the carpets cleaned due to last night’s guest’s activities. Carpet still wet. No other rooms available so it was on to The nxt accom option for us! Mental note:write scathing review on trip advisor about THAT place! No discount  offered for wet carpets and no alternative suggested. Hmmmm. Found another room elsewhere after several last minute phone calls.

Check in, unload then off for a soak in the glacier hot pools nestled in the rainforest. A great way to unwind after a long drive. Enjoyed by all. Too late for dinner so instant noodles in the Trangi on the balcony it is. Sipping Malborough champagne while watching the colours change over the snow capped peaks.

Tomorrow. ..the glaciers…

Lights out.

If I get any sleep. This place likes to party. Hmmm feeling a bit old!


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