Job done (almost!)

Couldn’t help myself. It’s done. 1712km over 18 days. now just to confirm finer details with Mr W, run over the equipment and the food arrangements and we are SORTED!

Not sure if its a bad thing that Google maps wouldn’t let me add any more pins to the journey. Harumph. So here are two separate images of the journey. Stopping at Alex for 5 days in the middle. Thanks Nanna and Grandad!

PS Not looking forward to the fuel bill…but it will be amazing!!!


West coast final plan

East coast final plan

3 thoughts on “Job done (almost!)

  1. That’s a lot of work and I hope it works out well for you all. What an adventure that will be, I can just picture some of the locations based on our trip a few years ago. Great we’ll keep following.

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